The Department of Physics has started teaching in 2001-2002 academic year by accepting 30 students. The main goals of our department are to help our students to understand the theoretical structure of physics, to do experiments, to use the knowledge of physics in everyday life, to help them understand the developments in science and technology, to educate researchers with master's degree and to contribute to the needs of academicians of our country and to bring the physics of our graduates.


In the present, there are mechanical, electrical and magnetism, electrical circuits, 2 electronics, waves and optics, quantum physics laboratories, optical telescope (20 cm) that students can apply in the theoretical lectures.


The purpose of the Department of Physics, is to educate students with sufficient knowledge in the field of physics. The graduates of the program will be given the title of ‘’Physicist’’.  The program graduates are involved in a variety of fields, such as the Mineral Research and Exploration Institute, the research and development units of the industry, research institutions such as the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey and Atom Energy; Research assistants can work as specialists in academic institutions. They can be employed in various units in public and private secondary education institutions. In addition, graduates can serve as secondary school teachers (provided that they receive Pedagogy lessons from the Faculty of Education) when they meet the conditions set by the Ministry of National Education. Students who graduate from the program can take part in the scientific life by attending graduate programs. Department of Physics Academic Staff : 1 Prof, 3 Assoc. Prof, 3 Assist. Prof. ,5 Research Assist.