About the Department

The department of Mathematics was established in 2001. The main goal of our department is to educate future mathematicians who will study on education, research and technical areas. In addition, service courses are given to other departments of our university. The period of undergraduate education is 4 years. Graduate education is carried out by Ahi Evran University Institute of Science and Technology.

There are 4 professors, 4 associate professors, 6 assistant professors, 5 Ph.D research assistants and 4 research assistants. Also, there are 500 students in normal and evening education. 

20 students from normal education and 20 students from evening education are enrolled in our department each year. Students who complete the compulsory and elective courses from undergraduate program graduate with the title of "Mathematician". In addition to undergraduate education, graduate and doctoral education is also given.

Students who take pedagogy courses from the Faculty of Education can teach mathematics in secondary school. Alumni can also work as teachers in private high schools and after school support; those who have developed their basic computer skills can work in various public and private institutions as computer specialists.

In the present, besides post graduate studies in functional analysis, algebra and number theory, geometry, topology and applied mathematics, various scientific researches are carried out.