The Department of Geography was established in 2009 as a part of the “Faculty of Arts and Sciences”. Today, there are 3 assistant professors, 1 instructor and 3 teaching and research assistants in the Department. Our education and research processes maintained by 187 undergraduate students. In 2011, the Department of Geography moved to new building in the Bagbasi campus. In this new location, our department continued research activities with new and modern classrooms and laboratories. There are 2 classrooms, 1 lecture theater, 1 CBS laboratory, 1 Cartography laboratory, 1 Education laboratory and 1 Research laboratory. These facilities would contribute to the improvement of the quality of education. The Department of Geography also provides numerous opportunities for undergraduate students to actively participate in research projects through internships and fieldworks. These opportunities aim to improve the students’ perspectives and observation skills.
After attending the internship programs, our graduates are employed by private and public sectors.