About the Department

The department of history, which was founded in 2003, has accepted its first students in 2003-2004 academic year by an additional placement. As of year 2017, the department has 2 Professors, 1 Associate Professor, 9 Assistant Professors and 1 Expert with a wide range of research specialties. Our department, which has Normal and Secondary Education, has a total of over 400 students.

In addition to theoretical lectures, the lessons are also supported by supplementary materials such as PowerPoint, archive documents, maps and new publications. The Ottoman writing language is taught to the students so that they can understand both the printed and archival documents of various kinds. Apart from Ottoman, Arabic lessons are among the lessons given to our students.

The Department holds regular seminars with the guidance of Prof. Dr. Yaşar Özüçetin whose entitled with the head of the department. The lecturers, from different universities in various fields of history give lectures throughout the academic year in order to train the students novel researches and to help students to meet other researchers. 

The history division, offers M.A and PhD programs, which is hosted by Social Sciences Institute.

Our graduates can be research assistant or lecturer in universities by completing their master`s and PhD degrees with thesis. They are also able to teach history by completing their master's degree without thesis. In addition, they can work as experts and interpreters with the title of Historian in various public institutions such as Turkish History Institution, Atatürk Cultural Center, Atatürk Research Center, TBMM Library, State Institute of Statistics, Chief of Staff, Military History and Strategic Studies Presidency, Prime Ministry State Archives and so on.