1.      Year


Semester   Code               Course                                                                       ECTS                  


Fall      ARK-101          Introduction to Classical Archaeology-I                    3         

Fall      ARK-103          Introduction to Near Eastern Archaeology-              3         

Fall      ARK-107          Mythology-I                                                               3         

Fall      ARK-109          Introduction to Prehistory I                                       3         

Fall      ARK-111          Elective: Technics of Scientific Research I       3

Fall       ARK-113         Excavation Techniques and Drawing I                      3         

Fall      ARK-115          Prehistoric Pottery     2+0      Compulsory    3         

Fall      ENF-101          Basic Information Technologies                    3         

Fall      TAR-191          Atatürk’s Principles and Revolution History-I                       2         

Fall      TDE-191          Turkish Literature-I    2+0      Compulsory    2         

Fall       YAD-191         Foreign Language-I    2+0      Compulsory    2         



Spring  ARK-102          Introduction to Classical Archaeology-II                   3         

Spring  ARK-104          Introduction to Near Eastern Archaeology-II                       3         

Spring  ARK-108          Mythology-II   2+0      Compulsory    3         

Spring  ARK-110          Introduction to Prehistory II              3         

Spring  ARK-118          Excavation Techniques and Drawing II                     3         

Spring  ARK-120          Aegean Pottery in Bronze and Iron Age                   3         

Spring  ENF-102          Basic Computer Science and Using of the Basic                  3         

Spring  TAR-192          Atatürk’s Principles and Revolution History-II                      2         

Spring  TDE-192         Turkish Literature-II                                                  2         

Spring  YAD-192          Foreign Language-II                           2         

Spring  ARK-112          Elective: Technics of Scientific Research II               0         


2. Year


Fall       ARK-207         Archaic Architecture             3         

Fall      ARK-209          Archaic Sculpture                   3         

Fall      ARK-211          Archaic Pottery                      3         

Fall      ARK-213          Historical Geography of Anatolia I                3         

Fall      ARK-223          Ancient Greek Language I                 6         

Fall      ARK-231          Greek History             3         

Fall      235121312      Civilization and culture of Ahi principles                  2         

Fall       ARK-217         Elective: Anatolian Prehistory                       3         

Fall       ARK-221         Elective: Near East During the 3th Millenium I                   3         

Fall      ARK-229          Elective: Greek Coinage I                  3         



Spring  ARK-208          Classical Architecture                       3         

Spring  ARK-210          Classical Sculpture                 3         

Spring  ARK-212          Archaic Pottery II                   3         

Spring  ARK-214          Historical Geography of Anatolia-II              3         

Spring  ARK-226          Ancient Greek Language I                 6         

Spring  ARK-232          Roman History                       3         

Spring  ARK-220          Elective: Near East Prehistory                       0         

Spring  ARK-224          Elective: Near East During the 3th Millenium II       0         

Spring  ARK-230          Elective: Greek Coinage II     0



3. Year


Fall      ARK-307          Hellenistic Architecture                     3         

Fall      ARK-313          Museum Studies                    3         

Fall      ARK-315          Classical Sculpture II              3         

Fall      ARK-317          Classical Pottery I                  3         

Fall      ARK-319          Roman Coinage I                   3         

Fall      ARK-323          Ancient Greek Language III               6         

Fall      ARK-325          Elective: Near East During the 2nd Millenium I       3         

Fall      ARK-327          Elective: Prehistoric Art                                3         



Spring  ARK-308          Roman Architecture              3         

Spring  ARK-310          Hellenistic Sculpture              0         

Spring  ARK-318          Classical Pottery II                 3         

Spring  ARK-320          Roman Coinage II                  3         

Spring  ARK-322          Environmental Archaeology              3         

Spring  ARK-324          Ancient Greek Language IV               6         

Spring  ARK-326          Elective: Near East During the 2nd Millenium II                  0         

Spring  ARK-328          Elective: Archaeometry                     0         



4. Year


Fall      ARK-401          Hellenistic Pottery                 3         

Fall      ARK-403          Roman Sculpture        3        

Fall      ARK-405          Paintig and Mosaic Art in Antiquity I                        3         

Fall      ARK-409          Greek and Latin Literature and Philosophy I                       

Fall      ARK-411          Undergraduate Thesis I                     5         

Fall      ARK-421          Vocational English I               3         

Fall      ARK-413          Elective: Aegean and Europan Prehistory I              3         

Fall      ARK-415          Elective: Near East During the 1st Millenium I                    3         

Fall      ARK-417          Elective: Theoretical Archaeology                3         



Spring  ARK-402          Roman Pottery                       3         

Spring  ARK-404          Roman Portrait                      3         

Spring  ARK-406          Paintig and Mosaic Art in Antiquity II                       3         

Spring  ARK-410          Greek and Latin Literature and Philosophy II                       3         

Spring  ARK-412          Undergraduate Thesis II                    5         

Spring  ARK-422          Vocational English II              3         

Spring  ARK-414          Elective: Aegean and Europan Prehistory II             0         

Spring  ARK-416          Elective: Near East During the 1st Millenium II                   0         

Spring  ARK-418          Elective: Urban Archaeology             0         

Spring  ARK-420          Elective: Glass in Antiquity                0