Philosophy department was opened in the academic year of 2009-2010 and will start student acquisition in the academic year of 2017-2018. Undergraduate program of Philosophy department consists of 4 main disciplines. The names of these are as follows: 

1.      Philosophy History

2.      Systematic Philosophy and Logic

3.      Science History

4.      Turkish Islamic Thought History


From the academic year of 2016-2017, our academic staff are as follows: 1 Prof. Dr., 1 Assoc. Prof., 1. Assist. Prof., 2. Res.Assis. (within the scope of ÖYP).


The primary objective of Philosophy department is to acquire students philosophy and science history, to introduce the basic problem areas of philosophy from past to present, to enable the possibility for problematic thinking, asking questions, the ability to see the formation of the phenomenon from different angles. It allows the students to acquire the skills as accurate and consistent assessment of reasoning. And in this way, to provide a philosophical view to the basic problems of our time.



In this sense, the mission of philosophy is to establish a society of individuals who can identify the ethical, cultural, and social problems of lived era, can analytically think, can find solutions to these problems with a critical perspective,



In general, the goals of undergraduate program of Philosophy department can be listed as follows:

The graduated students;

1.      Can use the main concepts of philosophy discipline in explaining, interpreting and developing solutions to the problems of present age,

2.      Can think freely and originally,

3.      Can produce solutions to the problems of present age,

4.      Can have analytic thinking skills,

5.      Can be open to new thoughts and ideas,

6.      Can be sensitive to human being, society and nature,

7.      Can acquire scientific thought and work,

8.      Can develop critical thinking skills,

9.      Can consider public interests, can acquire professional competence and ethical responsibility,

10.  Can express thoughts in a correct, clear and understandable way


The title of Graduates of Undergraduate Program of Philosophy

The graduates of this program will acquire ‘Philosopher’ title with bachelor degree.


Employment Areas of Graduate Students

The philosophy department graduates can practice their profession in private and official enterprises. For graduates, employment is provided in various public institutions (Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, Social Services, etc.), special education institutions, psychotechnical evaluation centers, industrial establishments. Graduated students can take a pedagogical formation and teach in public and private institutions. Department graduates continue their careers in the academic field (Master and PhD level); The scientific studies they will undertake in the field will take place under the university roof. In addition, departmental graduates may also lead to other professions such as public relations, advertising, advertising writing, written and visual media editors, critics, and interpreters by foreign language level from a philosophical point of view in the direction of their personal development.


Requirements for graduation

A total of 177 credits are required to graduate from the Philosophy Undergraduate program. The codes and contents of the lessons are given in the appendix. Students are selected by National University Entrance Exam (Undergraduate Placement Exam - LYS). Approximately 60 students will be accepted each year. The duration of normal education is 4 years. Students are required to take all necessary and elective courses before graduation and to reach at least 2.00 GPA out of 4. Students are required to attend 70% of the classes. The official teaching language is Turkish.