About the Department

Studies in the Molecular Biology and Genetics gained importance with DNA studies in 1953. This studies accelerated and increased via developments in technology and methods in the last years. Some research areas of Molecular Biology and Genetics include: analysis of molecular pathology of diseases like cancer, diabetes and Parkinson diseases; development of the methods of personal treatment and gene therapy; development of living beings; use of microorganisms in biotechnology; understanding of biological systems and analysis of genetics of species.


Ahi Evran University Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics was opened in 2016. In the first undergraduate year, introductory courses in molecular biology and genetics provide a strong scientific background. In the later years, students combine required courses in molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, cell biology, genetics and laboratory techniques with electives in specialized topics, such as gerontology, toxicology, forensic genetics, and pharmacogenetics and cancer biology.


This department aims to graduate experienced persons in molecular biology and genetics. They can find job opportunities such as in universities, biomedical and biotechnology establishments, molecular biology and genetic laboratories, genetic diagnosis centers and tube baby centers.


Academic Staff of the Department: 1 Prof., 2 Assoc. Prof. and 1 Assist. Prof. There are 3 research laboratories in the department. Animal cytogenetics, cancer genetics, toxicogenetics and drug design in cancer studies are carried out in our research laboratories.